Sunday, March 6, 2011

my first day trip to edinburgh

oh hayyy y'all!

so yesterday, i went to edinburgh with the american gang. we got to ride the train there and it was super exciting and lovely, and then we spent the whole day just doing awesome shooters with our awesome friends and soaking up each other's awesomeness. but seriously, edinburgh rocked. it is an exceptionally beautiful city and has a nice combination of touristy things and normal life things. the people for the most part were friendly, minus a cranky lady who didn't want to tell us where Gregg's was. Gregg's is a little bakery chain that has these awesome sausage rolls for 60 pence each! and they are filling and incroyable. we mostly walked around and took pictures and went in whatever shops we felt so inclined to go in along the way. when we first got off the train and into the city, we encountered a genuine piper playing on a street corner in a tartan that is very similar to the PC tartan. GO BLUE HOSE!

and the fun just continued from there. i bought a mug that looks like Nessie, the loch ness monster, and a scarf with sheep on it from a street vendor, though it smells pretty funky so i'll need to wash it before i wear it. and if i can smell how funky it smells, y'all know it smells right rank. i also purchased an absolutely beautiful leather journal that was hand crafted with a tree on the front and back and celtic symbols from the 9th century around the corners. it is stunning to behold, and is the favorite of the man who carved them. it was a little pricey, but i think i'll be using it forever since it is just a cover and you can switch out the books whenever they get full. and then my favorite purchase of the day is a flower hat. scoff if you must, but this hat is groovy. it looks like an upside down flower, and apparently is all the rage. people can get away with silly things over here, and this hat makes me extremely happy. i'm currently wearing it as i type this blog post. Here is me holding my journal and rockin the hat. 

now isn't that just darling? i got loads of compliments on it as well, so shut your face if you don't like it. :) we also took pictures with a man dressed up as Braveheart for leukemia research. yes, of course i donated money, and no, of course he wasn't wearing knickers under his kilt. he mooned the crowd. 

we went to Edinburgh Castle but didn't go in because the line was very long and it wasn't worth the wait right then. for lunch we had papa john's, because the others really wanted papa johns and who am i to say no! it tastes the same over here. hana and i went in some really cool vintage stores on our way to meet the group for lunch, and then got lost and were helped by some lovely edinburgers who helped us get there, and we luckily didn't get taken a la the movie Taken, since neither of our fathers are Liam Neeson. the only bummer of the day was that the Elephant House, the place where J.K.Rowling wrote Harry Potter, was out of t-shirts. i mean really! so of course i'm going back, it is imperative that i have an elephant house t-shirt. 

and there you have it. a typical travel blog entry from your faithful blogger. comment any suggestions for a themed entry in the future! i like writing on themes. i hope this satisfied the picture craving, i did my best. <3 

hugs and keeses,



  1. Congratulations on the journal. And the hat. Sounds like more fun than sitting around in my parent's house.

  2. Hey Natalie!
    If you go back (and are going to be there overnight), the ghost tours of the vaults are super fun...a nice combination of history, cheesiness, and some horror. And the tour we went on ended at a pub in the vaults. :)

  3. reading your blog makes me smile so so much. sounds like you are still having an absolute blast, so happy! keep postinggggg