Sunday, March 13, 2011

wamboozie and haggis

so last monday i introduced my flat to the delights of wamboozie. for all who are curious/concerned/perhaps want to make some of their own while abroad, we made it with glenn's vodka, a 12 pack of stella artois, 2 liter bottles of lemonade and limeade, and threw in some lemon juice and apple soda to taste. since we lacked a cooler, we made it in pots and a casserole dish, but it worked out just as well.
don't be fooled by the unappealing color, (or should i say colour?) for it tastes delayshus. everyone was a wee bit skeptical at first, i mean it really doesn't sound very good and it looks right nursty, but hollie and i were adamant that it would happen and be awesome, so we made it and tasted it first. once we gave the stamp of approval, we got everyone else going, and let me tell you, it was a hit. we made two batches of the stuff and everyone still wanted more! it was flat bonding at it's best, as the whole flat got in on the crazy! that night we had originally planned to have haggis then wamboozie, but we forgot about the haggis and just made the boozie, which was fine. hollie made me haggis a few nights later and i loved it. its kind of spicy, but not too much, and really hard to describe but i'm definitely a fan. i'd advise it to anyone coming to scotland. vegetarian haggis tastes almost the same, and is just as good, so for all you veggies out there, rule number 76, no excuses, play like a champion. 

sorry this blog is so short, i have a 1000 word biology essay on carnivorous plants due next week, and while i have about 750 words written right now, i still need to work on it. and i have a 2500 word essay due at the end of next week for english (though it is a creative writing piece so it should be fun to write at least). this coming weekend i'm going to dublin for st. patrick's day so worry not, a long fabulous blog post is soon to come. :)


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