Tuesday, April 19, 2011

parental visit and comic con!

hey y'all, sorry its been so long! i'm going to compress these 2 blog posts into one longish one for your reading ease and pleasure.

sooo my parents and conradical came to visit right after spring break. aidan and i made a lovely sign for Special Agent Heath on the lid of a pizza box and went to meet them at edinburgh airport when they arrived. it was seriously great seeing them, and they all got along well with aidan so thats a plus too! :) on wednesday they were obviously jetlagged/exhausted so we kept it simple stupid and didn't do too much. they rented a car and dad immediately mastered not only driving on the wrong side of the road, but driving stick with the left hand and doing it with style. oh yeahhh. we went to dinner at the Allan Water Cafe where most of us got fish and chips (all but conrad, who really missed out b/c its the best fish and chips i've ever had. seriously fantastic) and ice cream, which is sooo good over here. om nom nom. after our delightful meal we gave them a quick tour of campus and then they went to crash so they'd be fresh and hoppin for the busy day the next day. thursday we woke up bright and early and toured Stirling Castle, which was pretty cool but it was really windy and i wasn't wearing appropriate attire.. i.e. i wore a dress. poor life decision there. howevz, i would totally advise going if you are in the area, its pretty awesome. we got lunch at a tasty irish pub whose name i cannot recall, and then i had bio lab (in which i dissected a fish by myself!) so i had to leave them. we met back up for a tasty dinner at Gabe's diner which literally does have the best burger in town. they are huge, handmade burgers that are oh so delicious, and the chips (i mean that in the british sense of the word) are huge potato wedges that were likely actually cut from a potato and oh man the dessert... well you get the picture. so so good. aidan left for glasgow to go to london after supper, and then we all went our separate ways after that. the next morning we arose bright and early to go travel the highlands. we didn't make it too far, but instead went on a search for a highland cow to take a picture with. we encountered several misleading directions, and after stopping numerous times we found some and got our pictures taken! holla bolla. we also stumbled across an actual standing stone (all you outlander fans know what i'm talkin about!!!) and a pictish cross i believe. exceedingly successful day adventuring. we drove to edinburgh that night and had dinner at a lovely wee italian place, and then went to bed early b/c i had to leave at 4:30 am for london for comic con!!

so i successfully navigated london's airport and underground and met up with aidan and his friends at comic con the next morning. aidan and i dressed as chuck and sarah (from Chuck) and one of his friends was morgan. the rest of his friends dressed as the reservoir dogs, which was very fun. so comic con in london was no where near on par with even dragon con in the states, but was still a trip. there weren't nearly as many costumed people, and its all in one small place, and there were really only panels about comic books, which i'm not that in to. i like the movie/tv program panels, but whatever. im still glad i went. we pretty much just goofed off all weekend, going to panels on occasion. mark (aka morgan) made us miss the costume contest b/c he wanted us to go to a spiderman panel with him--and the spiderman producers/writers didn't even know who chuck was. BOYCOTT SPIDERMAN. thank you. aidan and i went sightseeing in london as well and did microtourism, i.e. seeing the sights in 1.5 hours, not going in anywhere just walking about. i had a blast. we barely made it to the bus that was taking us back to glasgow that night (8 hour overnight bus ride, oh so nice), but i managed to sleep the whole time b/c i don't stay awake in moving vehicles for very long if i'm not driving.

so all in all, exceedingly great time, both with mom, dad and conrad, and in london with aidan and co. sorry this is so short and late on the time scale, its getting to the end of the semester and i've got papers up the wazoo! :/

i love you all very much.


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