Thursday, April 28, 2011

squirrels and duckies and ants, ohmy!

so, lately i've been noticing a strange animal trend around stirling. and by strange, i mean critters of all sizes seem to have taken a strong liking to our flat.

for instance, yesterday i chased 2 SQUIRRELS out of our kitchen. TWO. is that not insane? they keep coming in the broken window, the buggers. a few weeks back, they ate aidan and my strawberry tarts. no, i take that back, they didn't simply eat them. no, that would be too nice. they came in, ate one tart, then took a bite out of the strawberry on top and placed it upright on the counter. they tore apart the other tart and ate it's strawberry. then dumped that on the floor. i mean really?!? evil, evil creatures. they ate through an entire loaf of hollie's bread. just down the side. contaminating it. filthy creatures. i'm terrified for the day they learn to open cabinets and the fridge...

this evil is balanced out though by my favorite part of every day. sad as it is, i get immense joy from a gaggle of ducks that come to our window on the daily to be fed. there is the brown, mean one we named Wooly Bully, because she often will snatch bread out of the other three mallard's mouths. The other three I named Quack, Mack and Lack. Lack has a limp and usually just hangs out in the back of the group, and Quack and Mack generally flank Wooly Bully's sides, competing for the bread (which she often wins. she's a speedy one). they are so precious, and they always stop by. occasionally Billy, the white duck, will come along, but i think he's slightly retarted b/c the bread more often than not will hit him in the head and he'll just kind of blankly stare out in to the distance. bless his heart.

our other strange (but not really) infestation of critters is our ant problem. they come and go in waves, but i think they are planning a bigger, more bold attack for the near future. it makes me nervous to think about.

not much else is going on over here right now. the weather is to die for gorgeous, most people are outside in the sun most of the time. its definitely hard to stay inside with it being so sunny and nice, but when you got work to do you got work to do ya know? the royal wedding is tomorrow, and i'm hoping to celebrate in one of three ways. a) drinking tea with the americans b) royal wedding drinking game with the flat or c) going to edinburgh to party in the streets. i'll be happy with all of the above. yeahhh bank holidays! and weddings. so fun.


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