Monday, February 14, 2011

And I’m Away Laughing on a Fast Camel

sorry this is a little late, i wrote it in the airport. 

Sitting in Heathrow airport, it is currently 10:37 am. Which is 5:37 am Atlanta time, and I got about an hour and a half sleep on the plane despite my taking two benadryl and drinking some red wine with dinner. fail. however, I MADE IT! i successfully navigated the mess that is heathrow airport (well, as far as i can at the moment, i am so early that my flight hasn’t even showed up on the flight lists yet. wahoo). I sat next to a lovely couple on the plane. they barely spoke, and she was reading pregnancy magazine while he read a car magazine. they were cute. the customs people were very nice, though I’m not sure they think I am totally sane because of all the obvious questions I kept asking like which line do I take when it turns out there is only one line etc etc. Hey, I’m sleepy! I am going to stay awake all day though, fighting that jet lag. Not really sure what to do in this time, I can’t find internet that I can use (sorry mom and dad, i typed this on pages and am posting it as soon as I get internet). I’ll probably read more Diana Gabaldon to get me in the mood for Och Aye land! I cannot believe that I am actually going to be in Scotland today! I was lucky enough to pass the time in the Atlanta airport chatting on the phone with SB, and then Emily and Kristin, so it was lovely saying goodbye to all of them. I saw a lady on the tram wearing five inch stilettos and a knee-length fur coat, which was quite a site. Not sure why she chose that for traveling, but I guess I can’t talk as I am wearing my hunter rain boots. they are my heaviest item so it works really well! Food on the plane was decent, for dinner they served us beef brisket with mashed potatoes, a salad, bread, really yummy cake and the aforementioned wine. they also served us breakfast, which consisted of a dan active strawberry drinkable yogurt (which reminded me very much of china, except that I didn’t get a straw for it. sad day), a weird seed cake thing, some raisins, and an ice cold muffin. not awful, but not the best i’ve ever had either.
 I was skeptical at first about the plane--everything was that aged yellow that old things that were once white get, and the tvs were tiny and the seats were really close together. however, once everyone got settled in, It wasn’t too bad. I was able to take off my boots and stretch my legs out in the aisle (next to the seat in front of me so I wasn’t blocking the way of course) and there was only one crying baby and she only cried for like 5 minutes. I watched megamind, but they had several channels to watch movies on and they did it so that certain movies showed on the channels first, then there was a break, then different movies showed next. When I woke up I watched the marvelous misadventures of flapjack so that was fun too. I think that some of the other movies showed were 127 days (which i chose not to watch because I was trying to fall asleep), due date, the switch, never let me go, red, and some other movies I hadn’t heard of. the couple next to me chose red and were laughing at the same time periodically which was presh. watching on two different screens and still in sync. aww. 
also, weighing my luggage at publix totes saved my piece of mind. I may have looked like a bit of a doofus, but my luggage was (amazingly) under weight. hooray mom and dad for getting me a weightless army duffle! now we only have to hope that it makes it to edinburgh when I do. People watching has provided me with less thrills than expected--I found Kevin Green’s gay hot twin on my flight (we were wearing the same watch is how I know he was gay, for all who were wondering. except his was white, though it also had rhinestones I think...) Everyone is pretty well dressed, and I feel like I stand out as a giant blinking sign that says AMERICAN AMERICAN! which isn’t all bad, as I think it makes me look friendly but also a bit dumb. the creepy old guys checking me out trend has continued, while I have yet to find anyone my age at all in the airport and other than gay kevin on my flight no one was college aged either, which is garbage but i’m not worried. people watching has provided me with a lady just walked by me wearing a jumpsuit with belt, heels, and a turban. it was an interesting look, to say the least.  I have successfully now passed half an hour and will try my bestest not to take a nap like the people on the chairs behind me are doing. 
hugs and kisses,
footnote: away laughing on a fast camel, along with the phrase “och aye land” are from the georgia nicolson series by louise rennison. the first one is entitled “angus, thongs and full frontal snogging” for all who are interested in hilarity and some (kinda) culture. :)

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