Thursday, February 24, 2011

F is for friends who do stuff together

well hellooooo sexy readers!

today's blog post is all about the letter F. F is for fashion, friends, and frolics through fields.

I have noticed that the hip happenin fashion choice of all the cool cats at stirling uni is to wear funky tights with shorty-shorts. thankfully, i have yet to see any obese persons attempting this fashion trend, as that would be horrifying and potentially life-scarring. in fact, it looks quite cool on normal-weighted people and i regret not having brought both more shorts and more tights. i gave it a go for about an hour on tuesday and felt very silly and had to change my outfit, but i think that i will try again, perhaps with different tights. it can look quite cool if done properly so i'm hoping for the best. another startling trend is the crazy hair trend. for instance, i have never seen so many men with hair far past their shoulders. like these dudes have loooong hair (and yes the extra o's are there for emphasis to prove just how looooong their hair is). and lots of people have their hair dyed interesting and often vibrant shades of red, while others have some of the strangest haircuts i've ever seen. this one girl has all of her hair buzzed at the top and a ponytail in the back. extreme mullet makeover? it's quite cool though and a very exciting change of scenery from PC. and to all you hipsters out there, my english professor is one of you, complete with the v-neck and cardigan and the blingy gold watch. groovy man.

i have also been seeing lots and lots of people from home's scottish twins. it is quite disconcerting to be sitting in class and look over and think you see someone from home only to remember where you are. like in biology today i saw matt orck's gay twin whispering sweet nothings in the ear of the scottish version of sam bailey. scottish anna russell is in that class as well. it is bizarre! (and to those who i just mentioned, if you are reading this, i mean no offense, you just look a lot like those people in my class. just coverin my bases here.)

the sun is actually out today, not like last time when it was just brighter than normal. i can see a blue sky and a bright yellow glowing ball up there, which thus indicates the sun being out. this makes me want to, you guessed it, go on a frolic through a field, though i probably won't because i don't want to look silly. there's my third F thing.

and for other, non f-related news, kevin green is coming to visit me today, all the way from lon-don! and i went to the doctor today for my mandatory check up to get registered and what not, and it took a grand total of 10 minutes from the time i stepped in the building to the time i left. america, step it up. i got indian food for the first time last night and it was delightful. sweet nan bread is maybe my new favorite thing ever, and it is HUGE. like significantly bigger than my head, which is the best way to measure things i think. i also got chicken curry and it was delicious as well. and i got leftovers! hooray leftovers! i am going to start watching dr. who since apparently all the cool kids do it (including my film professor who looks a bit like michael foster and michael stiles' love child). and other than that i have nothing exciting to tell you. sorry for the lack of pictures, i have none relating to this post. i'll take some this weekend and upload them in my next blog post.


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