Tuesday, February 15, 2011

star wars, star trek, and sandwiches.

i have now met all of my flatmates, and i must say they are some of the coolest people i know. anywhere. everyone back home would love them as i do, i am sure. when my parents come to visit, they are bringing grits so i can make them some, since they've never had grits and everyone should try some good grits in their lives, right? on my second night in stirling, we watched star wars: a new hope and the first episode of chuck and i knew i was at home. then later that night, my flatmates and their friends got in to a huge (to me) political/theological debate that spanned over about 5 hours. i went to bed after 4 hours of it when i realized it was 2 a.m., but it was so enthralling and awesome that i had trouble tearing myself away. i thoroughly enjoyed being a spectator at that debate. we have also enjoyed bashing fox news (cough mimi cough) and glenn beck, and i am becoming acclimated to both scottish lingo and politics. the accents aren't bad to understand at all, in fact i often haven't noticed them until someone says something particularly scottish. (my favorite word being murder--so many nice r's to roll).

last night we watched star trek 4--the one where they go back in time by traveling around the sun to save the whales. it was hilarious and awesome, and i'm not even a trekkie. i also learned that all the swans in the UK are the property of the Queen. she has called dibs on all the swans, so killing one is a hanging offense. and swans are HUGE. i have never seen a bird that big in person in my life. it's head came up to my armpit when one was standing on the bridge (his name was davie). i mean wow.

im going in to town for the first time today to buy a cell phone, and this morning i have joined the bank of scotland and the medical services on campus and whatnot. im hoping to walk to the william wallace monument soon and to see the castle on campus. because there is a castle. on campus.

and we made a list of all the scottish foods i need to try while i am here, and i must say i am quite excited about them all. mmmmm haggis. and vegetarian haggis as well. yum. :) especially because i have eaten a plethora of sandwiches since i've been here. though they have all been exceptional so i don't mind. :)


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