Monday, February 14, 2011

update: airport edition

(more from the airport)

first off, i had decided to go to the bar for some lunch and a beer or something, so i saunter down there with all of my luggage. well, first off, its a real fancy bar. like i wasn’t sure if i needed to be seated and served or what. so i kind of linger around outside to watch if people to in. then no one is going in, so i walk in and pick up a menu. well i can’t afford the food there--i just wanted a sandwich really, and all they had were fancy pants sammies which cost like 17 pounds! for a sandwich! garbage i say. so i walked out and had a healthy and nutritious lunch of trail mix. yum. while delicious, its not really very filling. the gate opens for my flight in 40 minutes, and since my last post i have read my cosmo and done some more people watching. I saw a guy wearing his girlfriends fur coat which was wayyy too small (ho ho ho hi-larious!) and a kid in an indiana jones outfit. and by kid i mean a 15 year old. he was missing the whip, but i think that it was probably confiscated because i can’t imagine a whip being allowed on an airplane. i also saw two twin girls with matching PENGUIN SUITCASES. they had suitcases that looked like penguins! how much cuter can you possibly get?!? several people have asked me about the wi-fi situation, then smirked at my accent (grr) or asked me for the time then laughed when i struggled with military time. not maliciously, of course, but i am far too tired to deal with this nonsense. the heathrow security vehicles make a very annoying sound as they periodically make their laps as well. its like pshpshpshwhrpshpshpshwhr. 
i know i am rambling. one and a half hours of sleep on a plane combined with jet lag do that to ya. so bear with me folks! 
and dad, you said you wanted more blog posts. here are TWO in like a 5 hour span. boosh. 

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