Monday, February 14, 2011

I Made It! Great Success!

I have arrived in Och Aye land safely and without any problems. (apart from the creepy guy at the airport who followed me around and just stared and leered. ugh.) I have met three of the four flatmates: Aiden, Rona and Hollie, and they are quite cool. They listen to all kinds of music, mostly stuff I know, and Aiden likes chuck and star wars and firefly and such and Hollie likes glee! and i can find it online holla. They are all in to politics and quizzed me on my political affiliations and life in the South. I met some of their friends last night, all of which were cool and very nice. Everyone has been very nice to me and made me feel very welcome and at home. Campus is beautiful and big but definitely walkable. I’m getting used to the accents but the lingo will take some time. luckily people have picked up on my confusion and helped me out when i don’t understand. I made friends with the people I rode with to campus from the airport--two are twins from North Carolina, one is from Texas and the other from Chicago. And today I made friends with a french guy and a cool swedish girl. So all is good here, and I will post this as soon as I get internet! 

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