Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Thrilling Blog Post for my Beautiful Readers

Classes have started and school is officially under way. I went to my first Biodiversity class yesterday and I must say that it will likely kick me in the booty, then curb stomp me when I fall down. I mean, this class is going to be a struggle for me. Biology has never been my strong suit, but I am taking it to fulfill my gen-ed requirement and it is going to be a lot more work that I had expected. For instance, I have to write a 1000 word essay on carnivorous plants, but we can't use quotations or anything. We just have to learn the material and then formulate opinions... and summarize/cite official sources of course. But no quotations?!? I love quotes! What is this rumpus?!? It is also the biggest class I've ever been in, though I have no idea how large my other classes are. Luckily I got my schedule changed so I no longer have class on fridays, meaning i get wednesdays and fridays completely free. It is so strange coming from a campus of 1200 to one of 11,000 that claims it is a small school. I call your bluff Stirling University--you don't know the meaning of small! Though the opportunities that it presents are much groovier since it is so much larger, so it all works out I guess.

It is also weird to me that there are bars and clubs on campus, two of which are in the Union, which is connected to an academic building. It's awesome, but a vast change from everywhere that I am used to. And on Wednesday all of the study abroad students went on a bus tour of Stirling which ended at the mayor's house where they provided us with a lot of free booze! The school just gave us booze at our welcome reception. Frickin' sweet I say.

There is a travel agent on campus too, and he helped us find a place to stay in Dublin for St. Patrick's Day weekend. We couldn't find any rooms anywhere for the actual night of St. Patrick's day but we found one hotel for the rest of the weekend and it is a 4 star Hilton at the airport (it was also the only place that had room for 8 people) so that will be nice. We had wanted to go to Cork, but our flight leaves super early on Sunday morning so it is going to be too difficult to get everything worked out. I think we are planning to go to Italy and Paris for spring break too. Holla!

And today the sun is kind of out--i.e. the sky isn't quite so dark grey as normal, its just a lighter cloudy grey with less mist/rain. Everything is really pretty in this light though, not depressing at all like some people said it would be. I'm thrilled they are wrong. boosh. :)

hope all is well back in the states! send me updates and things!



  1. I am also thrilled that they are wrong.

    Sounds like everything is going well over there, and congrats on all the free booze!

  2. I'm glad you just put curb stomping into your blog. I honestly hope biology doesn't hurt that much...