Sunday, February 20, 2011

scotland: where sheep are sluts and fries are chips but chips are crisps.

i have had a blog topic request from you, my faithful readers, aka my parents for a blog post on the similarities and differences between scotland and good ol' marietta georgia, as well as what has surprised me the most about being here. well, you asked for it, and i lurve lists, so here goes:


1. everyone is very polite and helpful. i have yet to meet a single rude person, and literally everyone wants to help or at least try/ be nice. it is lovely. i don't know if its my charming good looks or if everyone is really just this nice, but i'll take it either way. feels like home. :)
2. it is february, and it is cold. now i know y'all have a weird warm spell going on right now, i've seen the facebook statuses about wearing tank tops and shorts, but typically speaking, it is cold in february, and it is certainly cold here. but it was to be expected so i like it. plus i like sweaters and slippers and cozy things of that nature.
3. everything is in english. (thus it is better than china, which is how i base my new and improved world view)
4. ketchup is a condiment that is often used on things. so is salt.
5. people love fries, aka chips.
6.  and fried food.
7. we all watch the same movies, mostly the same shows, and listen to about the same music. in the clubs/stores/around campus, the music is about what you would hear in fraternity court on a regular night. "...because baby you're a FIREWORK!!!!" and so on.
8. everything is closed on sundays.
9. when it is warm, apparently everyone flocks outside and lays out in the sun and has barbeques.

and i'm sure there are more that i can't think of right now. this may be a running blog post.


1. um, the money. i'm still getting used to pounds, specifically the little coins. i feel so silly trying to figure out which one is which, i may have to make flashcards.
2. you can drink any day of the week, at any time of day, and it is perfectly acceptable.
3. chips vs. crisps. still getting used to that.
4. obviously, they drive on the wrong side of the road over here. i keep thinking the bus is going to run in to the other cars...
5. it is cold and rainy most of the year.
6. you walk everywhere. or take a bus or train if its far enough, and taxis are easy to come by if necessary. it is quite normal to see people with groceries on the bus.
7. you can check out your school books in the library.
8. scotch tape is sellotape.
9. sheep are like everywhere. and the sheep are marked with colors so they rub up on each other when they mate, so the slutty sheep are tie-dyed. groovy man.

1. it isn't nearly as rainy as i expected. rainy to me means a downpour, as in you need an umbrella or you'll get soaked. its more drizzly than anything, and it is off and on all day, as in the ground is usually wet but its not going to flood the campus or anything like it does when it rains at PC.
2. there are pubs and clubs on campus. i know i already mentioned that in a previous blog post, but it was still surprising and thus makes the list.
3. everyone doesn't necessarily wear dark colors. there are plenty of cheery colors and floral prints hanging about, its just most coats and things are darker b/c thats how they are made. but you don't look weird if you wear a bright color as I was told you might.
4. they have hot dogs. and instead of a hot dog bun it was put in like a baguette. weird.
5. you get chips (fries) with chinese food, often instead of rice.
6. they gave us alcohol at our reception! i know that was mentioned before too, but the aforementioned point still holds valid.

and once again, i'm sure i'll think of more, but thats all for now folks!

p.s. i went hiking yesterday, and it was a bizarre, freezing, but beautiful experience. woooo! pictures to come soon.


  1. Oh, how I have missed China-like lists. I might have to go back and read those now. :) Glad you are having fun!

  2. Well I guess its a general European thing, drinking all day everyday.